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Shared Data Experts

About Shared Data Experts
Staff Developer/Shared Data Expert


The Student Data Services Staff Developers/Shared Data Experts Program offers support to school district staff in the area of the effective use of data to facilitate informed decision-making. Student Data Services administrators and professional developers meet with district personnel to help formulate a customized, systemic plan to greater develop and execute the integration of data to inform instruction.


The Staff Developer/Shared Data Expert is available to assist the District Data Coordinator, Testing Coordinator, and District Administrators in their efforts to coordinate the district’s test scoring, reporting, and data team initiatives.  The Staff Developer/Shared Data Expert is a member of the Student Data Services program at Eastern Suffolk BOCES, and is informed of the latest reporting requirements and regulations.  All Staff Developer/Shared Data Experts are NYS Masters certified teachers with an expertise in data analysis, technology and communication.  Using multiple sources of data, the Staff Developer/Shared Data Expert can produce reports in Excel, Access, PowerPoint, etc.This professional will work with groups of administrators and teachers to explain the meaning of test scoring reports, School Report Card data, and reports from the district’s student management system, and third party assessment software.


For information please contact:

Vanessa Biagioli-Dittrich 
Administrative Coordinator