About This Service

Student Data Services' Data & Reporting Service provides support to public and non-public schools with State mandated reporting of student and staff data in the Student Information Repository System (SIRS). The data and reporting umbrella also includes the scanning and reporting of State assessments, including 3-8 ELA/Math/Science, NYSESLAT, NYSAA, NYSITELL, and Regents exams.

In addition to the loading of State mandated student and staff data to Level 2, the data & reporting service assists districts in meeting deadlines through monthly District Data Coordinator Meetings, Level 0 phone support, and reminders / updates via the CIO list-serv. Support is also provided through workshops during the year covering pertinent topics for establishing best practices for data quality control.

We greatly look forward to working with all our districts and schools throughout the year, and continue to strive to offer the best support to all our participating LEAs.

For additional information, please contact:

Peter Desjardins

Program Administrator