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Friday, August 18, 2017
Corrected Geometry Regents Scores Due Aug. 17 (Published On: 07/28/2017)
 The deadline for Suffolk LEAs to lock any corrected June 2017 Geometry Regents exam scores based on the rescoring that occurred this week, will be 12:00 noon on Thursday, August 17, 2017.  Note that this deadline is one week prior to final 2017 reporting deadline of August 24thThe reason for the earlier deadline is to allow the Office of Accountability to utilize these corrected scores in growth score calculations for high school principals. 

ePMF / Out of Certification Update (Published On: 07/27/2017)

The original deadline to submit and certify all ePMF forms was July 28th. Due to the issue with the 6th grade English assignment code, any teacher ePMF forms submitted in TAA by midnight tomorrow, July 28th will be used next week to regenerate updated Out of Certification reports. This would include those with the 6th grade English code, as well as any other assignment corrections. Please note that individual teacher forms must be SUBMITTED for the changes to take place. NYSED will repost the updated reports when available and provide districts, BOCES, and charter schools another opportunity to review.  


Out of Certification Reports (Published On: 07/18/2017)

The Office of Teaching Initiatives has reviewed  an issue with the 3116 Assignment code for 6th Grade English and advised on rerunning the reports to remove some teachers deemed to have appropriate certification. Notification will be sent to CEOs when the reports are posted to the Business Portal.  We do not know at this point when that will be.  The timeline will be adjusted as needed. For questions regarding certifications, please contact the Office of Teaching Initiatives at TCERT@nysed.gov or at 518-474-3901.  


Registering for Student Data Services Events (Published On: 06/03/2017)
Student Data Services is transitioning its event registration process to utilize Frontline Professional Learning (formerly My Learning Plan - MLP) WebReg feature for events scheduled after June 30 2017.  Attendees will not longer use a DataCentral account to register for events.  Please click on this link for detailed directions for this new registration process

ELL/MLL Student Counts for 2017-18 Title III Allocations. (Published On: 04/26/2017)
NYSED is preparing to calculate allocations to LEAs for 2017–18 ESEA Title III ELLs/MLLs, which are based on the number of ELLs/MLLs in each LEA. Beginning the week of May 15, 2017 through the week of June 5, 2017, Public ELL/MLL counts by district in Level 2 and nonpublic school ELL/MLL counts by district in BEDS will be available to authorized users in the “2016–17 Title III ELL/MLL Counts Report” on the Information and Reporting Services Portal. To read the SED memo sent to Superintendents, please click the "read more" link. read more ...

2016-17 End of Year Deadline Extended (Published On: 02/17/2017)

The 2016-17 end of year deadline has been moved back two weeks. The adjusted deadline to load and lock all end of year data for 2016-17 is Thursday, August 24th at noon. The new deadline to certify 2016-17 end of year data is Friday, September 8th. For a direct link to the updated schedule, please click the "read more" link.

 read more ...

New APPR Plan Portal Now Available (Published On: 04/01/2016)
SED has completed its work to update the APPR portal to allow for the entry of all measures required by the APPR transition regulations.  The updated APPR portal has been moved from the Review Room platform to the New York State Education Department’s Business Portal, the same location where districts/BOCES submit their APPR Implementation Certification form. Please click on the "read more" link for more information. read more ...
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