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Saturday, May 27, 2017
TSDL and Staff Assignment quality control checks (Published On: 05/18/2017)

This past Tuesday, May 16th, SED began posting quality control checks via the IRS Portal on Staff Student Course (TSDL records) and Staff Assignment data that have been submitted. These quality control checks MAY indicate errors in Staff Student Course and/or Staff Assignment data. It is important to review this report to determine if errors exist. The deadline to load these data in Level 0 is Thursday, June 1st at noon, with a certification deadline via the IRS Portal of Friday, June 9th.


ELL/MLL Student Counts for 2017-18 Title III Allocations. (Published On: 04/26/2017)
NYSED is preparing to calculate allocations to LEAs for 2017–18 ESEA Title III ELLs/MLLs, which are based on the number of ELLs/MLLs in each LEA. Beginning the week of May 15, 2017 through the week of June 5, 2017, Public ELL/MLL counts by district in Level 2 and nonpublic school ELL/MLL counts by district in BEDS will be available to authorized users in the “2016–17 Title III ELL/MLL Counts Report” on the Information and Reporting Services Portal. To read the SED memo sent to Superintendents, please click the "read more" link. read more ...

2017 Immigrant Count Deadline (Published On: 03/27/2017)

SED annually collects the number of "immigrant children and youth". The information is used each year by SED to determine each LEA's eligibility and allocation for the Title III, Part A Immigrant Education program. LEAs must count and report the number of "immigrant children and youth" currently enrolled in the public and nonpublic schools in the geographic area under the jurisdiction of, or served by, the LEA who initially enrolled in schools in the United States between February 1, 2014 and January 31, 2017. The information must be submitted to the Department by May 1, 2017. Click the "read more" link to access the survey that must be submitted.

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2016-17 End of Year Deadline Extended (Published On: 02/17/2017)

The 2016-17 end of year deadline has been moved back two weeks. The adjusted deadline to load and lock all end of year data for 2016-17 is Thursday, August 24th at noon. The new deadline to certify 2016-17 end of year data is Friday, September 8th. For a direct link to the updated schedule, please click the "read more" link.

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ePMF Deadline Approaching (Published On: 02/13/2017)

The deadline for teachers to complete their ePMF forms in the TAA system is Friday, February 24th. After this deadline, teachers will not be able to make changes to their ePMF forms. Those staff with administrator access will have until March 3rd to make any corrections. The certification deadline of all ePMF forms by the district/school CEO is Friday, March 3rd.  


Graduation Rate Public Release (Published On: 02/13/2017)

The 2016 Graduation Rate was publicly released on Friday, February 10th. To access Report Card data, please click the "read more" link.

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New Level 0 Locking Requirement (Published On: 10/21/2016)
Beginning Monday, October 24th,  it will be required to select "Create File for Level 1 Submission" when locking data in Level 0. Failure to click this button will prevent your data from moving from Level 0 to Level 1.  

2016-17 SIRS Manual (Published On: 10/18/2016)
The 2016-17 SIRS Manual is now available. Please click the "read more" link for a direct link to the document. read more ...

New APPR Plan Portal Now Available (Published On: 04/01/2016)
SED has completed its work to update the APPR portal to allow for the entry of all measures required by the APPR transition regulations.  The updated APPR portal has been moved from the Review Room platform to the New York State Education Department’s Business Portal, the same location where districts/BOCES submit their APPR Implementation Certification form. Please click on the "read more" link for more information. read more ...

New Process for Viewing Level 2 Staff Errors (Published On: 03/29/2016)

Level 2 staff errors will now be viewed through the L2 reporting system. Those staff who are responsible for reviewing and correcting these errors can view them by accessing L2RPT, then navigating to the folder titled “Level 2 Errors”.  Please click the "read more" link for a document explaining the steps users should take to access these reports.

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