About SchoolTool

Schooltool is a web based student management system designed and built specifically for NY State School districts. All of your data, PK-12 is centralized eliminating building to building migration. Data is stored historically on students, attendance, discipline, health and more and is easily accessible. Changes are real time and immediately available throughout the application. Schooltool is fully compliant with NY State Reporting with all requirements integrated throughout the application.


  •  Elementary scheduling
  • Course Links(if you get one class you get all classes with the same link automatically)
  • Allows for overlapping periods
  • You can schedule by teacher, student or building
  • Compatible with MAC browsers and Smart devices
  • You can create your own custom reports
  • You have the ability to see schedules for multiple buildings at the same time

To contact BOCES Schooltool support please call 631-244-4000 or email schooltoolhelp@esboces.org