About IEP Direct

601.030RTI (Response to Intervention)  - A web-based program that allows teachers and administrators to meet the requirements for teaching and reporting the progress of RTI students. 

601.040IEP Direct is a web-based special education student information and program management application. It gives districts the ability to draft IEPs online and share student and program information district-wide and district to district. It enables districts to produce state-mandated reports, CSE and CPSE reports, or customized reports. IEP Direct can help monitor, track, and review all of your special education needs. 

601.050Medicaid Direct Module An integrated Medicaid module for Medicaid data entry and submission. Medicaid Direct Toolkit: an innovative new product that delivers powerful diagnostic and reporting features designed to drive significant increases in Medicaid. 

601.060NYSE Directors An online interactive web-based resource for NYS special education directors.

601.070Document Repository & Fax Direct This service is an online document management solution designed exclusively for Special Education. This module of IEP Direct allows you to: 

• store electronic documents in IEP direct at the individual student level
• 28 access documents electronically by authorized individuals
• organize documents by category and type
• search documents by multiple criteria
• securely manage documents electronically
• restrict editing of the content of documents after they have been store

601.080CentrisSync automatically checks for database changes between the general education student information system and IEP Direct and regularly sends any changes as appropriate.