About Frontline
601.030 – Frontline RTI Direct is a web-based program that allows teachers and administrators to meet the requirements for teaching and reporting the progress of RTI (Response to Intervention) students.

601.040 – Frontline IEP Direct is a web-based special education student information and program management application that provides districts the ability to draft IEPs online, share student and program information district-wide and district to district, produce State-mandated reports, CSE and CPSE reports, or customized reports. Frontline IEP helps monitor, track, and review all of your special education needs.

Frontline Centris Sync is an add-on program that automatically checks for database changes between the general education student information system and Frontline IEP and regularly sends any changes as appropriate.

Frontline Document Repository is an add-on program electronic file feature that allows documents to be stored and archived electronically with Frontline IEP.

Frontline NYS NYSE Directors is an online interactive web-based resource for New York State special education directors.

Frontline IEP Automated Database Warehouse provides an extract of relevant Special Education data elements from Frontline IEP Direct that is loaded into Certify on a nightly basis.

601.050 – Frontline Medicaid Direct is an integrated Medicaid module for Medicaid data entry and submission.

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Sharon Mayrant
Administrative Coordinator, Student Data Services
Suffolk Regional Information Center
Eastern Suffolk BOCES
Raymond A. Defeo Building
215 Old Riverhead Road
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978