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n2y Unique Learning System is a standards-based set of interactive tools specifically designed for students with special needs to access the general curriculum. It is used daily in school districts and classrooms across the Country. Unique Learning Systems provides preschool through transition students with rigorous, standards-based materials specifically designed to meet their instructional needs. Data collection is incorporated with Unique Learning System, allowing teachers, parents, and administrators to monitor student growth.

n2y News 2 You allows students to engage in rich literacy and language instruction while learning about diverse current events topics. Lessons and experiences are extended through interactive symbol-supported articles, games, guided practice opportunities, and flexible means of expressing what they have learned.

n2y SymbolStix PRIME is a web-based symbol search engine and materials creation platform where students engage in symbol-based language and learning materials for printing or speaking aloud online. Over 30,000 symbols are available, with 500 new symbols added monthly.

n2y SymbolStix SQUARES promotes the development of communication and comprehension skills for emergent learners. Each 3x3 picture card provides visual vocabulary support to enhance understanding, reinforce concepts, and engage learning for the home, school, and therapy environments.

n2y L3 Skills is an online resource that engages and creates opportunities for individuals with special needs to master educational concepts through age-appropriate games and activities.

n2y Positivity is an online behavior and classroom management tool used to promote positive behaviors in and out of the classroom for successful learning outcomes. It promotes confidence, emotional control, and independence through student-centered strategies. Includes simple data reporting and tracking features.

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Sharon Mayrant
Administrative Coordinator, Student Data Services
Suffolk Regional Information Center
Eastern Suffolk BOCES