Vocational Education Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID) is a NY State agency that provides vocational rehabilitation services to eligible individuals. The goal of the agency is to prepare individuals with disabilities for various employment settings keeping in mind the strengths, abilities and interests of the individuals.

Who is eligible for services?

VESID services are available to all individuals with disabilities who are considered employable with or without some degree of training. In other words, services can be available to those individuals whose physical or mental impairments create barriers for them to be employed, as long as the individuals would benefit from some degree of vocational training.

VESID's website, defines an individual to be eligible for its services if the individual:

  1. Has a physical or mental impairment that is a substantial impairment to employment;
  2. Can benefit in terms of achieving an employment outcome consistent with the individual's strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interests and informed choice; and
  3. Requires vocational rehabilitation services to prepare for, secure, retain, or regain employment.

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Sharon Mayrant
Administrative Coordinator, Student Data Services
Suffolk Regional Information Center
Eastern Suffolk BOCES

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