About Level 0

Level 0 is a web based software tool that districts use to ensure that the data they transfer to the data warehouse is in the correct format and that the required fields are complete. The tool can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection. Level 0 will allow the user to review the data before it is locked for submission to the data warehouse. It will allow the user to identify and correct errors in the file which should then be fixed in the local student management system. This process speeds up the loading of data and help districts keep their student systems up to date. Level 0 is used to report Student Lite (Demographics), Enrollment (Student Entry Exit), Program Service, Assessment, Course, Special Education, and Staff data. Level 0 will accept files from multiple systems to create a master file for submission to the data warehouse.

How Do I Get Access To Level 0

The District Data Coordinator (DDC) should fill out a form giving permission for someone to receive an ID and Password. The form may be obtained at https://datacentral.esboces.org/Services/Forms.aspx and selecting the desired Level 0 Security form. Fax the completed form to 631-218-4117. Within two days you will receive an email with your ID and Password. You can access Level 0 at: https://level0.esboces.org.

Should you need assistance or training, please contact us at 631-218-4195 or dwtshelp@esboces.org.