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RRT™ (Right Reason Technologies)

RRT provides a learning system that can be broken into 3 major essential components: Student Success, eLearning and Professional Development. Each component has different sub-areas that primarily focus on improving your school district’s educational setting. RRT can also help provide a solution for New York State's APPR and SLO requirements for your school district.


RRT Success System For Learning At A Glance:

Student CenterProvides practice for students in content areas such as reading and math online. It is also aligned to state standards and the Common Core, which helps in providing the practice that, is needed for mastery.


Student Center Features:

·         Targets specific skill mastery needs based on individual student needs

·         Individualizes independent practice opportunities

·         Aligns skill practice to specific state performance indicators/objectives and Common Core

·         Delivers assessments online or as a printed hand-out


Curriculum & Data CenterA data analysis system within RRT’s Student Success System that monitors achievement and growth while identifying strengths and targeting areas of improvement. The system provides detailed reports from the district down to each individual learner, based upon state assessments and aligned benchmark assessments. Consultation and professional development support is included with the system to maximize student achievement.

Curriculum & Data Center Features:

·         Stores and tracks statewide results and growth

·         Tracks program effectiveness

·         Stores and tracks benchmark results and growth (New York, Arizona, Pennsylvania & Common Core)

·         Provides motivational charts for school-wide goals

·         Reports strengths and areas for improvement from the district level down to individual student level by concept and performance objective

·         Articulates progress toward concept mastery for Student Success Teams, Child Study Teams, ILP's and IEP's

·         Targets specific goals and levels of mastery for whole and small group tiered instruction

·         Reports progress for RTI and other interventions

·         Creates individual learning profiles for parent conferences, individualized instructional needs and goal setting

·         Supports data teams and PLCs with data analysis


Assessment Creator Test item bank with over 40,000 questions for teachers to create formative assessments. Test items are aligned to both state standards and the Common Core. The Assessment Creator also includes detailed individual student plans based on assessment data.

Assessment Creator Features:

·         Creates applications for formative and summative assessments

·         Targets specific performance objectives/indicators/skills to accurately assess student mastery

·         Builds differentiated assessments for whole group, small group and individual mastery

·         Provide multiple opportunities for formative assessments to drive data informed instruction

·         Utilizes spiraling concepts for increased mastery

·         Benefits from the direct integration with Curriculum Planner

·         Delivers assessments online or as a printed hand-out


Intervention Lessons – Intervention lessons can be acquired through RTT’s Student Success System that primarily focuses on closing the achievement gap and helping students achieve academic mastery.

Intervention Lessons Features:

·         Targets specific skill mastery based on individual student needs

·         Guides skill practice

·         Provides immediate feedback for students and independent practice when completed online

·         Aligns skill lessons to specific state performance indicators/objectives and Common Core Standards

·         Clusters skills by concept, to offer a comprehensive understanding of the content

·         Provides online and print access capabilities

·         Each lesson contains: Jump Start, Skill Builder, Visual Model, Guided practice, Independent practice, Reflection

·         Takes place within the classroom, during tutoring, or at home


Professional Development - Services can be offered for staff development that has been field-tested and proven effective for increasing student achievement.

Some Professional Development Services:

·         Leadership Mentoring

·         Goal Setting and Motivation

·         Parent-Group Meetings


CyberExtensionCreates a virtual learning environment in which you can educate students without having an out of touch feel between student and teacher.

CyberExtension Can:

·         Increase blended learning

·         Aide in educating homebound & suspended students

·         Assist with credit recovery to help students graduate on time with grade-level peers