3rd Party Assessments

About This Service

The Student Data Services Third Party Assessment Program provides support to component districts who subscribe to any one of our assessment services.

These are computer-based applications that provide districts with data rich reports on a district, building, class or student level. Districts utilize this data to help guide instructional decision making, analyze student achievement and growth as well as evaluate the effectiveness of curriculum and programming, and fulfilling Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) requirements. These assessments are also utilized in Response To Intervention (RTI) programs, Academic Intervention Services (AIS), universal screening, benchmarking and progress monitoring.

The ESBOCES 3rd Party Assessment Program includes the following services for our
participating districts:

  • Help desk support:
    • Application support
    • Local or regional product training
    • Data analysis
    • Telephone/on-site support
  • User meetings throughout the school year
  • Listserv and website resources
  • Act as liaison between vendor and district
  • Assists districts by scheduling product demonstrations
  • Assists districts through all phases of the decision making process

Help Desk
Phone: 631-218-4142
email: thirdpartyassessments@esboces.org